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2022 Bonus Dividend - PAID


Paid on January 21, 2022

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As a non-profit cooperative, our members are also owners. Members share in excess earnings in the form of low rates, additional products and services and an annual Bonus Dividend. The more you participate and use CCCU as your financial institution, the higher your Bonus Dividend can be. Generally, the larger your daily balance of both loans and deposits and the longer the account is open during the year, the larger your Bonus Dividend will be.

On Bonus Dividend Day (third week of January) we deposit cash into the accounts of qualified members based on their average yearly loan and deposit balances during the prior year. *

CCCU has a history of creating bonus dividends. Since 2001, CCCU has paid more than $70 million dollars to our members in annual dividend cash.

January could become your new favorite month. Not yet a member? Click here to apply! 

Bonus Dividend Estimator

Enter your estimated average deposit balance and loan balance into the columns to see your potential Bonus Dividend. Both Commercial and Consumer accounts can use the estimator below.

Bonus Dividend Estimator
Category Balance Estimate Bonus Dividend
Average Annual Consumer Deposit Balance
Average Annual Business Deposit Balance
Average Annual Loan Balance

* Cash Back Eligibility - CCCU shares excess earnings with members/owners in the form of better rates, more free services, and/or bonus dividends. Bonus dividend amounts are declared by the board of directors. The estimated dividend amount shown below is calculated based upon the annualized average daily balance of your deposits and loan amounts and on last year's corporate dividend results. The Bonus Dividend is based on the average daily balance for the prior year and includes an account longevity component. Generally, the larger your daily average balanced and the longer the account is open during the year, the larger the Bonus Dividend will be. The Board of Directors reserve the authority to alter or suspend payment of a dividend without prior notice in the event of extraordinary economic or regulatory circumstances. A dividend is not guaranteed annually. You must be a member in good standing with an open Membership Savings account on December 31.

A member in good standing means: a) minimum of $50.00 balance in the Membership Savings account, b) no loan delinquency exceeding 30 days past due, c) no charge-off balances and d) no foreclosures. In addition, some accounts (political, attorney trust, and participation loans) are excluded from the Bonus Dividend deposit.

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