Mobile Banking with Clark County Credit Union

Mobile Banking

Manage your money anywhere, anytime with our mobile app. Once you get the app, you have access to a variety of advanced features like the Personal Financial Management Tool, Send Money, and Card Swap!

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Please use these simple steps to begin using the new mobile banking system

Step 1 - Verify Your Info

Is your contact information correct? It is very important that before February 26, you verify that CCCU has your current email, cell phone or landline number on file. Without this information, we cannot verify your identity to allow access to your accounts. 

Step 2 - Get the App

For Apple users, update your CCCU app to get the new functionality and improved services. For Android users, you will need to delete your current CCCU app and download a new one in Google Play. Our increased mobile banking functionality makes tracking your money even easier!

Download our App

Android Download Link   AppleAppStore

Step 3 - Register Your Devices

Using your existing username and password you will use multi-factor authentication to register each of your devices (computer, phone, tablet). A unique code will be sent to you via the method you select - text, email or phone call. You will only need to to do this once per device. The code will expire in 15 minutes. If you are locked out of your account and need to be reset, contact our Service Department at 702-228-2228, option 3.

CUE Phone Teller

Welcome to our telephone teller service. Call from any phone, anywhere in the world and check balances, transfer funds or make loan payments between your accounts.

CUE Phone provides automated access 24/7 to all of your CCCU accounts with a single phone call. All you need is your account number and access code.

To reach CUE-Phone

Call (702) 228-2228, option 2.

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